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As many of you know, I am a songwriter. I have had over 200 songs recorded, I have won 6 GMA Dove Awards, I've been nominated for Songwriter of the Year at various award shows, I've had songs on Grammy nominated projects, and I have been a part of creating so many other songs of which I am very proud. However, there is no other song I have ever created that has shown the depths of my heart in the way that Empty Chair has.

Throughout my career, I can remember Ella running through my writing room as I was working on various songs. The day I wrote Empty Chair was no different. In fact, it was as if she was all around me. There's a lyric in the chorus that says "I can almost hear you laughing and see that pretty smile". That lyric spilled from my heart as I wrote it. When I closed my eyes I could literally see her and hear her.

The emotions of writing this song were so powerful that after writing the lyric, I had nothing left. I happened to have a co-writing session previously scheduled with my friend, Lee Black. I shared the lyric with him that day and asked if he would consider writing the melody. I remember his initial hesitancy as he said "this is not a song, it's a moment." And he was right. It was a declaration from the brokenness of a father who was simply trying to put into words the devastation he was experiencing. This was not a song I decided to write. It was a song that I had to write. Out of sheer emotional exhaustion, I finally convinced Lee to jump in on the song; and I'm so glad he did. The melody does what every good melody should do; it tells the story of the lyric.

This Friday, March 1st, would have been Ella's 13th birthday. In memory of our sweet girl, we are releasing Empty Chair to the world. I recorded it myself, so you will not only hear a song from my soul, but you'll hear it from my voice. It will be available everywhere digital music is sold, such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, and others. Please consider purchasing the song THIS FRIDAY wherever you get your digital music. All proceeds will go to our organization, Ella's Gift, which provides encouraging gifts to patients in Children's Hospitals and Acts of Kindness all around the world.

For now, click on the link below and enjoy the lyric video of Empty Chair. And don't forget to give back by downloading your copy this Friday, March 1st, everywhere digital music is sold.