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Tragedy, noun A disastrous event.

The loss of a loved one is a great tragedy, but in and of itself, it is not the pure definition. Tragedy involves the loss of something. Whether it be a job, a relationship, an ability, an opportunity, or a loved one, tragedy impacts us in such a way that it can change who we are. No matter what our tragedies look like, the one thing we all have in common is that tragedy will come to all of us at some point in life, and it's always a disastrous event.

If there is any good news to be found in the midst of tragedy, it's this: no matter how defeated it seems we are, tragedy cannot strip us of all power. We can be devastated but not defeated, downcast by not destroyed. We still have the power of making choices. Never forget that. Life can be cruel, and there are times in which we can seemingly lose everything all at once. Trust me. I know firsthand. But, in the middle of tragedy and loss I came to the realization that while I may not be able to control my circumstances, I can still control my response to those circumstances.

If you are walking through your own tragedy today, you may be wondering what I mean by all of this. First, let me say that no one can fully comprehend your tragedy. It's yours, and there is a not another person in the world who can fully understand how that impacts you personally. However, those who have walked a similar road can relate better than those who have not. Secondly, though it may seem there are no resources to help you, let me encourage you today. Not only is there a resource, but it comes from those who have walked a path of destruction and devastation of their own.

I have joined forces with Dr. Stephen Cutchins to bring you a resource that speaks to the center of your tragedy. It's a book called GREEN HEARTS: God's Goodness in the Worst of Times. It's inspired by the loss of our daughter, Ella, who loved the color green and hearts. Green hearts have now become a sign of hope of to us as we choose to dwell in the gift of Ella as opposed to the loss. Dr. Cutchins and I work together on a daily basis, offering hope and healing to those who are navigating life and all that entails. Both of us have been on both sides of tragedy; as those walking through our own, as well as helping others face theirs. We share from those experiences through pieces of our own stories, in addition to other stories of which we are intimately aware.

Green Hearts will be available this spring. I will post more about the official release date soon. This book speaks to those in the midst of tragedy, as well as offering insight to those who may be walking with someone else through a tragedy of their own. Make plans to get this resource and allow me to speak to you from the heart of a dad who has to choose everyday to get up and face the world without my baby girl.