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It’s difficult to see where a path may lead from the first step. When we first realized we were going to lose Ella, we made the decision for her to be somebody else’s miracle. We had no way of knowing where that would take us. Honestly, we still don’t have all the answers, but life is beautiful, even on the dark days, if you’re willing to look beyond the shadows toward the light.

A few weeks ago we received a Facebook message that left us stunned. It was from the mother of one of Ella’s organ recipients. We have been praying for over a year to find them, so we were overjoyed when they found us.  I’ll tell you more about Josh soon, but for now, he is one of the recipients of Ella’s kidneys.  

As we began learning more about him and his family, we learned that he is a singer/songwriter.  Miracle? Yes. In so many ways.  Josh and his family live in the New Orleans area, and last night we had the opportunity to meet them. 

From our perspective, it was an instant connection. He is healthy. He is alive! All of the things we have prayed for him. We will forever miss our Ella. We will always have a hole in our lives and hearts that belongs to her. However, we now have an extended family that we get to walk alongside and celebrate. God is good. And we are grateful. 

(from left to right)

Dustin (Josh’s brother), Sam, Georgia (Josh’s mom), JOSH, Jeff, Jody, Caleb and Abby