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My apologies for not blogging in a while.  We have a FACEBOOK page @forellakate and have been posting there.  I was recently informed that many have been following the blog, unaware that there was a Facebook page.  I want to make sure that anyone who wants to keep up with our family and story can do so through any means.  I'll try to do better with blogging........but, if you have access to Facebook, please look up our page and "LIKE" it.  The more "LIKES" we get, the more opportunities we have to tell Ella's story.  There are also some stories there that I'd love for you to see and share on your Social Media pages.  

I received a phone call yesterday from LifeLink of Georgia.  This is the organization that made it possible for Ella to save FOUR other lives through organ donation.  The call was an invitation to share Ella's story at their conference in October.  We are thrilled to have the opportunity to tell more people about organ donation, the miracle of giving life, and the story of our very own 10 year old hero.  

In the midst of great tragedy, people will often cling to any glimmer of hope they can find. We are no different.  We have held tightly to every word of encouragement.  We have told and retold every story people have shared with us about how Ella has impacted their life.  We have talked about her through tears and broken voices all in an attempt to keep Ella alive and as close to us as possible.  But, one of the most important things we have held on to is the fact that Ella saved lives in the giving of her own.  

In those final moments as machines gave Ella her final breaths, we thought through what life was going to be like without her.  We had a lot of tough decisions to make regarding Ella's care.  As hard as it may seem it must have been, one of the easiest decisions we had to make was to allow Ella to be a hero to other families.  I remember someone telling us at the time that they had heard people share their regret over not donating life, but that they had never known anyone who regretted allowing their loved one to be a donor, and we have found that to be true.  We are so grateful the Lord allowed us to make that decision.  We know Ella is perfectly whole and that she is in Heaven.  We also know that we will see her again one day.  But, the fact that Ella's heart is still beating somewhere on this planet, giving life to another, brings smiles to our faces.  Her lungs are still breathing the same air we breathe.  Her kidneys and liver and doing what kidneys and livers do.  So many other families have their loved ones because of a little 10 year old hero named Ella.  

Is it what we would have chosen? Absolutely not.  But, life isn't a journey of fairness.  We take what comes our way and do the best we can with it.  Life is precious, it's fragile and it's short.  We lost our baby girl.  That's the harsh reality that we wake up to every morning.  But by donating life to others, somewhere someone is waking up to a new world of opportunities.  Apart from our message of hope in Christ, is there a greater gift we can give?