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In recent weeks, we have had multiple people approach us with very similar stories about Ella. Some of these took place at school while others took place at church. However, each account involves a family that was new to the area. These families each shared that their daughter was new to school or church. In each scenario, Ella approached each girl and offered to be their first friend. THAT is an act of kindness. THAT is loving beyond self and changing the world, one new friend at a time.

Earlier this month, my wife (Jody) and I were privileged to speak to a group of students at Ella's school, Stevens Creek Elementary. They have started an Acts of Kindness movement called #forElla, and we shared things we have done and what others have done in Ella's name. When a student recognizes an Act of Kindness, they write it down on a Green Heart that says #forElla and it is placed on a large bulletin board in the cafeteria.

Soon, I will be sharing with you about Ella's Gift. These are insulated lunch bags that are filled with a bunch of things that brings smiles to kids' faces. We recently received donations from many of you and were able to purchase 300 bags and the supplies we need to fill them. These bags will be donated to Children's Hospital of Georgia, and will be given to patients in hopes to make a difficult time in their lives a little easier.

There are so many things we can do to show kindness and love. A green heart on a bulletin board in a cafeteria may not seem like much, but it can become a movement. A bag with a few goodies may seem small, but the joy it can bring to someone in the midst of a very scary time is huge. Ella showed love. Ella showed kindness. She was a shy little girl, but she went outside her comfort zone to make someone else feel special.

So, what are you doing to show kindness and love? Let it be a challenge to you. We CAN make this world a better place, and it may just happen one green heart at a time.

#ActsofKindness #2017