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We recently became aware of a closed Facebook group comprised of those who have lost loved ones to Brain Aneurysms and AVMs. We have read about amazing little girls, boys, husbands and wives who have suffered a rupture of some sort, leaving a wake of grief in their absence. We are learning that every moment is a choice. I can choose to suffer in heartache and defeat, or I can choose to trust and honor the God who granted His favor in allowing me to be Ella's daddy. The reason I say every moment is because some days, you have to intentionally make that choice dozens of times. I find myself, in this moment, struggling to choose. Yet, what helps me most through the struggle is to honor the gift.

One way Ella is being honored is by helping others. Every child that is brought through the doors of Children's Hospital of Georgia is afraid and desperately in need of medical attention and comfort. We know they are receiving the most amazing medical attention available, so in Ella's name, we want to comfort as many children as possible. What if I were to tell you there's a way to comfort a child in the hospital while helping to honor Ella? Would you help? What if you knew you could help one child for a one time gift of $25 and help tell Ella's story at the same time? Would you follow through and reach out? Well, all of what I've just told you is happening right now!

Below is a picture of Ella and a lunchbox. Each lunchbox is filled with crayons, coloring books, a bible, and all kinds of little goodies that bring a smile to the face of a child. For each gift of $25 you will provide a insulated lunchbox full of fun surprises and joy to one child who is fighting for their health and possibly their life. Our goal is to provide 250 lunch boxes to the Children's Hospital of Georgia. However, we are only at 20 right now. We are taking donations through December 28th. Will you help?

250 lunch boxes would impact 250 kids, their siblings, their parents, and beyond. In the front of each one there will be a card with a picture of Ella and her story printed on it. Every family that receives one will hear her story, see that smile, and Ella's legacy will live on in the hearts of others. Our hope would be to provide one for every child that comes into the hospital, but we can't do it without you. Will you help?

If you are able to help, please send $25 via PayPal to Emily Crider at Emily is leading this campaign for Ella. Every $25 you give will make a difference in the life of a sick child. If you don't already have a PayPal account, just go to PayPal and set one up. It's very easy and only takes a few moments.

Thank you in advance. May God continue to bless you as you bless others this Christmas. We love you! #forElla

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