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We Choose to Be Thankful

Today was a favorite day of Ella's. About a month ago, she was already planning what we would eat tonight, what movie we would watch and what costume she was going to be wearing. She loved time together as a family. So, we are being very intentional about doing things Ella's way. Last night we carved pumpkins and had friends over for dinner. Tonight, we will have friends and family here as we try our best to honor her. It will be bittersweet, but sweet nonetheless.

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is November 1st. Even crazier than that, Wednesday marks four weeks since Ella's collapse. Some days it feels like she was just in my arms. Other days it feels like it's been years since I've held her. I felt powerless to help Ella in her final moments. Every choice was taken from us as she slipped away. However, in the midst of it all, we have found that there are still choices we can make. We can choose to be bitter and live a life marked by defeat and anger. We can choose to find blame in others and direct our hatred toward God for taking her away. We can choose to turn our backs on everything we taught her; God is good, He never leaves us or forsakes us, love others and always do the right thing, be kind and gentle, put others before yourself, do your best, make a difference in someone's life today, etc. Or, we can choose to be thankful for the greatest gift God could have given us; ELLA.

During the month of November, this blog will be focusing on those things for which we are thankful. We will tell you about how a community came together to rally around the family of a little girl. We will share pictures and stories that you may not have seen or are even aware of. We will also tell you more about Ella. The better you know her the better you'll understand how thankful we are that God chose US to give her to for over a decade. Invite others to read the blog in November. Our hopes are that it will inspire more people to live their life with gratitude. It sure makes the time we have here a lot sweeter.

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