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For Ella

I’ve heard it said many times that “a parent should never have to bury their child”. While I agree with the thought behind this statement, the unfortunate reality of burying a child is one that we now know far too well. On Wednesday, October 5, our ten year old daughter, Ella, suffered a ruptured AVM (arteriovenous malformation). She was rushed into surgery, but never regained consciousness and passed away two days later. In a matter of moments, our healthy little girl was gone and our lives shaken to the core.

In the hours and days that followed, we experienced an outpouring of support unlike anything we’ve seen before. Our Facebook posts were being shared thousands of times and we began receiving messages from around the world. People in Canada, Northern Ireland, Japan, Australia, and even an underground church in Iraq were telling us of prayer services being held for Ella’s recovery, and then for our family in the wake of her passing. Thousands of messages of support poured in from friends, family, and strangers from all over the country. People told us of being far away from God but recommitting their lives to Christ through the process of praying for Ella. Stories of people asking friends to pray which then turned into open doors to share the Gospel began filling our inbox. Somehow, an outwardly shy little girl was changing people without saying a single word.

We are beginning this blog to tell Ella’s story; a story that seems more like a beginning than an ending. We invite you to come along as we share the life of our little girl with the world. We want you to know who she was, the true details of what happened to her, and the impact she is now having in the lives of countless others. Invite your friends, share her story with others, and perhaps together we can become the mouthpiece through which Ella’s voice can forever be heard.

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